April L. Alston

Raleigh, USA

I had my first OBE experience by accident. After my morning workout at the gym, I felt exhausted and came home to my dorm for a nap. When I was awaking from the dream, I felt a tri-location of myself. I was aware and could feel everything in my dream, and I could also feel everything in my body lying on the bed. I also felt a third consciousness falling through the bed. My third one was what I believed to be an OBE to the “real-time zone (RTZ)”. My energy body felt like it was separating from my physical body by falling through the bed. This happened by accident.

I felt like I no longer had a body, but that I was a floating sphere of consciousness. I could sense things 360 degrees around me but I couldn’t see with my eyes because I had no eyes. I could perceive where things were around me though. I had an intense burning sensation in my head and the more I tried to focus my awareness into the astral body, the more the pain worsened. Eventually, I woke up from the experience. I kept lying still and tried to reenter the trance but I was unsuccessful.

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