April L. Alston

Raleigh, USA

I was sleeping, minding my business in a dream one day, when all of a sudden lots of ninjas started attacking me throwing knives at me. I deflected one of the knives and then I realized I was dreaming. Now lucid, I began flying around and deflecting knives, having fun (M.R.: no deepening). I didn’t have time to experiment in the astral plane because I was busy deflecting knives. More and more ninjas started attacking me. When I ran away and came to an opening outside (M.R.: no plan of action), a large army of ninjas stared me down, and I knew there were too many. I started shooting ice balls out of my hands in a flowing motion as I began to freeze the entire army of ninjas. As I was freezing them, I felt a sharp pain pierce my back. I had been stabbed by a sword. The fun was over. I forced myself to wake up (M.R.: wrong action).

After awakening, my boyfriend called me. Before saying hello, he said, "April, please go back to sleep so I can take my sword out of your back." I told him about my dream, and he said that he sent the ninjas into my dream to distract me so that he could put a sword blade into my back to test my intentions regarding him. This proves to me that the movie, Inception, is VERY POSSIBLE!

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