Approach to Literature

Literature of every sort has always been the main vehicle for disseminating information about lucid dreaming state. lucid dreaming phenomenon is referred to by other terms: astral projection, out-of-body travel, or lucid dreaming. In addition to disseminating information, many books are often vehicles for disseminating fallacies.

This is easy to recognize when researching several such books and comparing described events and theories. The information is more often than not contradictory and based on opinions that have never been verified by anyone, including the authors. The result is a mass of speculation that has no bearing on reality, nearly always accompanied by a false certainty about the subject matter. However, unlike the real world, lucid dreaming is not a place where one can believe one’s eyes or feelings. lucid dreaming’s appearance and qualities depend very much on the person experiencing it.

For example, if a practitioner believes upon entering lucid dreaming that his body will be lying nearby on the bed, then it will always be there. If a practitioner believes that the perceived body should always be tethered to the physical body, then the practitioner will always see and even feel a tether in lucid dreaming. This is a simple case of expectations becoming reality. Similarly, someone who has entered lucid dreaming by accident and thinks that the time of death has arrived may see angels and a tunnel with a light at the end. If someone is extremely religious, there may be a perception that something holy, even God, has appeared. If entry to lucid dreaming is construed as a result of being abducted by aliens, then that is exactly what will happen.

This would all be quite funny if it were not encountered all of the time. If one has no doubts going in, then the only thing left to do is to believe. To believe, to tell others about it, and write books about it…

There are authors who impart no illusions, but it is often difficult for a novice to separate the truth from illusion or open fabrication, which is why a skeptical approach to the contents of any book is warranted. The only truth conveyed in any book is that which has been verified by personal experience. The rest should simply be noted and possibly taken into consideration.

In conclusion, books should be studied to discover technique-related information that allows a practitioner to enter lucid dreaming and control the experience. This is the only point of intersection among all beliefs and theories.

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