Applications Based on Influencing Physiology (Short version)

There are three main elements that, with the help of lucid dreaming, may influence the physiology in very beneficial ways. First, it is possible to contact the subconscious mind to learn how to influence physiology. Second, the brain reacts more strongly to sensations than to real events. For example, if running while in lucid dreaming, the physical processes of the body would be consistent with the processes occurring in the body of a person running in reality: respiration accelerates, blood pressure increases, the heartbeat quickens, and even blood flow to the feet becomes greater. Third, while the practitioner experiences profound changes of consciousness in lucid dreaming, this is where all direct and indirect forms of autosuggestion are most effective.

Not all influences on physiology are 100% effective. However, even without a guaranteed rate of success, the effort to influence physiology is worthy of attention because amazing results can be obtained. Always remember that achieving a good result may require repeated influence from lucid dreaming. Even in the physical world, medications require repeated ingestion.

If the goal is to affect the course of a disease, do not place all your hopes on lucid dreaming. The services of medical doctors must be the first recourse. The more serious the illness, the more strongly this rule applies.

Obtaining Information

Information on health problems may be obtained using the same techniques used for obtaining information. It is also possible to learn methods to remedy health problems, if such methods exist. Both of these possibilities apply to third parties being helped by efforts in lucid dreaming. Information gathering is the only proven way to influence the physiology of other people by using lucid dreaming. For example, it is possible to find a well-known healer in lucid dreaming and ask about personal health problems or the problems of a friend or family member. A clarified answer may be used in the assistance of traditional medical treatment.

Attention from Doctors

Find a doctor in lucid dreaming by using the technique of finding objects and ask the doctor to take examine or treat a known illness or other health problem. For example, in case of abdominal pains the doctor may palpate the belly, apply pressure to various points, and perform a special massage. Any actions are possible, including an operation. After leaving lucid dreaming, the practitioner will feel a positive result.

Taking Medicines

The placebo effect is much stronger in lucid dreaming than in reality since all actions occur in a highly modified state of consciousness and are perceived directly. Object locating techniques may be used to find medications used to treat existing problems. It is also possible to create self-made substances to produce the desirable effect. For example, in case of an acute headache in reality, a practitioner may take a painkiller while in lucid dreaming and its effect will be partially felt in the wakeful state.

Direct Effect

An illness or problem may be directly affected by actions in lucid dreaming. For example, a sore throat may be warmed by envisioning a burning sensation in the throat or by moving to a hot location, like a sauna. If a practitioner would like to increase physical flexibility, then stretching in lucid dreaming will cause the body to adjust to the nonexistent action by relaxing and tensing the corresponding tendons and muscles.


This is nothing more than normal autosuggestion or auto-training in lucid dreaming, which is more potent in lucid dreaming than reality. A practitioner should repeat a desired goal silently or aloud and, if possible, should imagine experiencing the desired result. For example, if the aim is to alleviate depression, a practitioner should attempt to recreate a happy mood in lucid dreaming, experiencing it to the fullest extent possible. Simultaneously, silent repetition of a goal with complete understanding and expectation that everything will be alright and that everything is wonderful will undoubtedly produce the desired effect.

Useful Experiences

Everything with useful properties in reality should be experienced as useful in lucid dreaming since the body will react in practically the same manner. Useful experiences may include exercising, going to the gym, having a massage, taking mud or salt baths, and experiencing pleasant emotions.


Practicing lucid dreaming-related techniques favorably affects the psychology because it offers new opportunities and evokes new emotions. However, there are specific applications of lucid dreaming that produce differing psychological effects. For example, it is possible to use lucid dreaming space as a bridge for dealing with phobias by facilitating a setting where a practitioner may confront and deal with certain fears. Various complexes may be defeated in a similar manner. The use of a well-known technique called re-visiting (recapitulation), where a person re-experiences adverse events while trying to relate to them in a new way, has been used successfully in lucid dreaming.

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