Despite the fact that it’s not difficult for an advanced lucid dreamingr to apply lucid dreaming towards any well-known practical application, he’s unlikely to do this often. There are several reasons for this. First, when your tally of lucid dreaming experiences numbers in the thousands, and you do it many times per day, your needs simply cannot keep up with your experience. Simply put, lucid dreamingr has already accomplished everything that he needed to, and returns to practical application only rarely. Second, advanced practitioners rarely see lucid dreaming as a means to solve some task or problem. For them it’s simply a life to live. After all, we don’t live here in the physical world for the sake of achieving something in lucid dreaming world. We live for this world. It’s the same with lucid dreaming. It’s good, miraculous, and magical only because it exists, and we can inhabit it. That’s why advanced practitioners seek nothing in lucid dreaming. They are content with the very fact of living in two worlds.

Obtaining information from lucid dreaming is its most difficult application. All of the other applications present little difficulty, even for moderately advanced practitioners. However, mastering the skill of obtaining credible information is a job that’s never finished.

Techniques have been simplified as much as possible here. After all, techniques for obtaining information are needed to create intermediaries between the practitioner and his subconscious mind (or fields of information, as some believe them to be). These intermediaries are necessary in order to better understand and clearly "see and hear" the information. But in the end, all these are intermediaries and rituals for novices who don’t understand what’s going on internally. However, they do understand what’s going on externally, and so there’s no other way to explain it to them. In most cases, an experienced lucid dreamingr will use the most clear-cut way of obtaining information: getting it directly. The practitioner’s question is raised as a thought-form, and the answer to it instantly appears in his memory, as if it were something already known. This is similar to the long-recognized phenomenon of false memory, but in this case the memory doesn’t have to be false – it can contain truly useful information. Otherwise, the task of finding something out can be set before entrance into lucid dreaming, and the answer to it can be found in one’s mind immediately upon separation.

Influencing physiology occurs in the same way. The desired effect is achieved not by taking pills or other measures in lucid dreaming, but through directly inducing it. Meanwhile, due to the special ways in which the subconscious mind works, it’s still sometimes recommended to use additional "crutches" in the form of pills or the like in order to increase the effectiveness of the physical body’s reaction.

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