Application to Be Abducted by Aliens

The question of whether or not extraterrestrial civilizations exist is outside of the scope of this article, but I would like to note that the majority of UFO abduction reports involve the same incorrect interpretation of the spontaneous out-of-body state as is the case with the Bible. Each era has gods of its own. I do believe that there are other civilizations out there, but doubt that they are as involved in home visitations as one would infer from reading thousands of “abduction reports”.

As with God’s appearances in the Bible, I have always been made uneasy by alien abduction stories, because both nearly always occur when the subject is falling asleep or awakening.

(Christina C,

…I woke up because I heard him crying, it was dark, just a little light shining through the drawn window shades. I went to his crib and reached down to pick him up, but he was not there! I yelled to his father but he never moved. I went to the other side of the room to turn on the light, but it would not come on! I went back to the crib, a bright light flashed on and was beaming through the window, and there he was, still crying, very upset, I picked him up and hugged him close… Directly above the house was a very large triangle shaped object…

(Whitley Strieber,

…After a couple of hours, he was awakened by an unusual sound. He felt that the security of his cabin had been breached. He was soon shocked to see a creature in his bedroom…

If you are still harboring hope that I was in error with the conclusions reached in the chapter above, then what I’m about to say may totally unnerve you. At age 15 I was also “abducted”. However, two years later, after having gained significant out-of-body and lucid dreaming experience, I came to the realization that it had all been a spontaneous exit from the body. Had the experience not repeated itself and had I not started experimental research on the phenomenon with diabolical persistence, then to this very day I would still be 100% convinced that I had been abducted by aliens. After all, it felt totally real – and how can one not but believe one’s senses? I had always had quite vivid and lucid dreams, but this was nothing like a dream by any measure.

The awakening, falling asleep, fear, and paralysis that I encountered during the “abduction” are typical features of alien abduction stories that you will read over and over again across many sources. For example:


…One night I awoke about 3:00 A.M., terrified. I sensed two beings in my bedroom at the foot of the bed. I did not try to look at them because I was afraid of what I would see. I saw the glow of the clock and Jeff, (my husband) sleeping next to me. I tried to turn (I was on my stomach) to wake him up but I was paralyzed. I then tried to scream but no sound would come out…


…During the last part of June (1987) as she was lying down on her bed, she felt somewhat uneasy, as if someone was watching her. The time was 10:00 PM. She then heard a voice say, "We have come for you… You will not be hurt." She then realized that her entire body was paralyzed, and that she could only move her eyes…


…I was sitting outside one night reading. All of the sudden it felt as though…as though something was smothering me. I started to panic because I couldn’t breathe. I tried to scream but nothing came out…

(Peter Khoury,

…While lying on his bed, he felt something grab his ankles. He suddenly felt numb and paralyzed, but remained conscious. Then he noticed three or four small hooded figures alongside the bed…

Meanwhile, the characteristic features of the above accounts are also typical for out-of-body travel and lucid dreaming! Isn’t that strange? Isn’t it a little odd that my practitioners also encounter beings during experiences that exhibit the same characteristic traits? The difference is simply that my practitioners don’t sensationalize what happened, as they already understand that an out-of-body traveler might experience anything during his or her first adventures. The following are only a sampling of legion examples to be found on our internet forum:


…I had only just fallen asleep when something changed. I heard the sound of what seemed to be someone jumping from the chair in the bathroom, but there were no cats in the house. And then I heard steps. I had never experienced such mortal fear before in my life, nor would I ever thereafter. I was sleeping in the living room, and could see my home’s front door. The door started to open, but I couldn’t see who it was. Only once they started coming towards me from the left was I able to catch sight of them by looking to the side. They were about 6 feet tall and translucent, I could see the wall through them. They had radiant almond-shaped eyes that were of a beautiful turquoise color. I wanted to get up or call for help, but I couldn’t even move a finger…


…I was sleeping on the floor. I woke up. Like on any other morning, I was lying in bed half-awake and looking up at the ceiling, planning out my day. I suddenly heard someone walking in the hallway. I had spent the night in the office… The armored door was locked from inside… The windows were reinforced with steel webbing. I was paralyzed with fear… The door started to open slowly, and a being about 6 feet tall came into the room. He had yellow-greenish skin and a large, slender head…

(Roman 26)

…I had just shot up awake at night after sleeping on the couch. Still not quite understanding what had happened, suddenly an ominous and frightening dwarf-like being appeared in the corner away from me. Everything was so real that I froze out of fright and got goosebumps everywhere.


There was a sharp bang, and then the feeling of falling down… I was panicking, afraid for my life, and also had the feeling that they were going to take my soul. Attempts to get up, open my eyes, or move yielded no results. I could feel that my whole body was paralyzed, which just magnified the fear…

The above is just a small sampling of the first-hand accounts posted on our forum, but no one would say that our website was devoted to UFOs. People are simply developing new abilities. I would suggest that the difference between “abductions” and the practice of exiting the body consists only in the interpretation of events. Of course, you may say that the phenomena are not mutually exclusive, and that extraterrestrials might be using this ability of ours to facilitate “abductions”. However, if you left your body of your own free will, and then proceeded to look for the aliens yourself and have a conversation with them, would that be “abduction”? Meanwhile, there’s nothing stopping you from doing whatever you want with the aliens… Once I understood that I really hadn’t been abducted, I went out of my way to encounter extraterrestrials in a bid to overcome my fear of them. And what does it say if a solid majority of my practitioners have deliberately encountered aliens at least once?

In at least a third of all reported UFO and alien encounters, you’ll find telltale evidence of a spontaneous out-of-body experience. In at least another third of such reports, even though an out-of-body experience is clearly the underlying phenomenon, details are either missing or omitted (often on purpose, in order to cover up discrepancies). Here is the most simple example of how it can happen:

(Kelly Cahill,

…After midnight the Cahills were on their journey home when they first noticed the lights of a rounded craft with windows around it. Within what seemed only a second or two, Kelly was now very relaxed, suddenly calmed by the disappearance of the intense, glowing light that had turned night into day for a brief few moments. The first words out of Kelly’s mouth [to her husband] were, "What happened, did I blackout?" Her husband said nothing, as he had no answer to give his wife. He cautiously drove his family home.

I think that by now it has already become obvious that Kelly had simply dozed off back at the very beginning of the story, lulled into sleep by the night drive, and that everything happened outside of the physical world, and only to her alone. However, the sensations were so realistic that she had a different interpretation: her husband had simply had his memory erased. And the result is shocking: one of the most widely circulated accounts substantiating the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations.

But why do these “abductions” happen? The mechanism is quite simple: sometimes the conscious mind awakens before the body, or the body falls asleep before the conscious mind. At that moment, people find themselves outside of the physical world, even though nothing may have changed in terms of sensory perception. It is spontaneous out-of-body experiences. If one’s suspicions are aroused by what’s going on, then internal fears and expectations immediately come to the surface and materialize in the most realistic way. If angels and gods previously visited the living, then in an era when talk of extraterrestrials fills the TV airwaves, there is nothing else to expect.

We have already discussed what a spontaneous exit from the body leads to when one expects God or guests from Mars. But now, as evidence of what happens when one’s mind is occupied by things other than aliens or angels, let’s introduce an account given by a child who also spontaneously fell into such a state:


…It happened late at night in wintertime when I was 8 years old. I woke up and was surprised at how light it was outside for the middle of the night. I walked to the bathroom… I got some water and went to the window, and then I almost dropped the glass once I saw something the size of a dwarf noisily running across the windowsill. It was about the same height as the window. The creature had a humanoid form, it was wearing small black boots, striped bright green stockings, a bright red jacket, and a hooded cap of the same color… I was so scared that I figured I should run and hide, but out of sheer curiosity I decided to move closer to the window and ascertain whether or not I had just been seeing things. Going to the window, I saw how a strange object flew out from one corner of the house. I immediately recognized it from its outline and shape: this was Santa’s sleigh!

Thousands of people have attended my seminars, and a great deal of them had initially become interested in out-of-body travel after having experienced sleep paralysis, spontaneous exit from the body, or even “alien abduction”. The ET abduction interpretation of the spontaneous out-of-body experience is just as widespread as the experience itself. According to surveys in the United States alone, 10% of Americans claim to have been abducted by aliens at least once.

Conclusion: in most cases, this phenomenon is not proof of the existence of curious extraterrestrials, but does prove that we are more than simply the physical body in which we are usually trapped. Meanwhile, this is all easily proved in practice. Anyone can make contact with extraterrestrials using out-of-body travel techniques

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