Anthony Pucci

I had just had a slightly disturbing dream. (I can’t recall what it was now, but it left me a little shaken.) I woke up, eyes still closed, and completely still. “Well, I’ll give it a shot,” I thought to myself. I tried to move my arms without using muscles. My right arm rose slightly, and I’ve had some experiences in the past that helped me remember the tingling sensations present during separation – holy cow, it’s finally working!

I was still a little doubtful when it came time to get up, but I tried nevertheless and that "electric shock" sort of feeling coursed through me after total separation. "I did it," I said aloud. "I can go see her now." Who she is may be explained later if I feel up to it, but for now, I will call her Mia, since she is relevant and that name is easier for me to type. I regained my composure and recalled that I had to deepen, and did so. I felt the walls, the bed posts, and my clothes. I was wearing a very long shirt (down past my waist) and some boxer-briefs, instead of what I had gone to sleep in.

When I finally got my vision to return, everything seemed larger than it should’ve been, and I felt slightly anxious, sort of like that paranoia you feel after watching a scary movie. Regardless, I pushed through it. I went to my door. “Mia’s behind this door,” I thought to myself. It didn’t lead anywhere unusual, just out into my hall. Again, things were a little larger than they should’ve been and a few places were covered in a very dim greenish light. I called her name, beckoning, “Mia? My voice was quiet and shaken. I couldn’t seem to regain my composure for some reason. I continued calling her name, and asked, "Where are you?"

I heard her voice in my head responding, "Huh? I’m right here." I went down the hall in a half-panic, checking various places in the house for her. Everywhere I went was extra-large and dimly lit in green. "Where is here?!" I cried. Her voice answered me again, "the usual place." I was getting frustrated now. I wanted to see Mia badly, asking, "Where’s the usual place?!" I retraced my steps. Maybe she was behind me.

Unfortunately, that’s where my story ends, because I returned to my body soon afterwards. I tried to leave it again, but I couldn’t budge. The residual doubt and fear in my mind may have held me back. I know I made a few mistakes in my techniques, namely not being absolutely 100% convinced that my door would lead me to Mia, and not maintaining.

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