AnnaBarnaul, Russia

I was in my bed imagining that I was leaving my body and soon I felt that I was pulled by someone out of my body. I decided not to resist it though the vibrations were strong and frightened me a little. And in less than no time I found myself standing on the floor out of my body. The room was luminous with sunlight. I felt free and extremely happy, as if I got rid of something unnecessary which always troubled me.

My new body had no legs but there was no need in them (M.R.: no deepening). And I had thought that it was necessary to bring something from the other room as the fact confirming that I was in Astral (M.R.: wrong logic and no plan of action). I flounced out of the room, seized a bag and brought it to my bedroom. (In the morning the bag was in its former place again).

Then I watched something strange: my new bed and room existed simultaneously with my old bed and room. Everything had mixed up and I hastened to return to my body. I saw my body lying in my bed and became suddenly very upset. I thought: “How such a young soul can return to such an "old" body?”. Then, I felt a pity to myself and I tried to join my body (M.R.: wrong action), but did not manage it. Fear overwhelmed me.

At once I recollected, that I had read somewhere that one should make a turnabout to join his body. I did so and soon found myself in my physical body.

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