Animate Objects Technique

To perform this method of obtaining information, the practitioner, in a full deep lucid dreaming, must locate a person by techniques for finding objects and procure the necessary information from that person through the use of simple questions. If the required information is linked to a certain person, then that person should be located in lucid dreaming. If the information is not related to anyone in particular, then it is possible to create a universal information source, which must be associated with wisdom and knowledge. For example, this could be a wise recluse, a well-known philosopher, or a guru.

The advantage of this technique is that it is easy to pose additional questions and it is also easier to verify whatever information is obtained. A drawback of this technique is that, for many, it is difficult to communicate with living objects in lucid dreaming because of an object’s unresponsiveness or a practitioner’s problems with maintaining lucid dreaming while talking with objects.

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