Andre Sanchez

I was in my bed and I noticed two plastic objects in my right hand. I thought it was weird for them to be there so I got up and threw them on the floor. The first one did not make any kind of sound. The second did, likely because I started expecting it after noticing that the first one didn’t. I thought it was odd so I went to the light switch near the door and tried turning the light on. It didn’t work. I had two thoughts: “very strange… could I be in ‘lucid dreaming’?”; and, “did the power go out?”

I left the room and went into the hallway, walking towards the living room, but it was very dark (which would be normal if the power had gone out during the night). I was thinking about how this was all somewhat odd, but felt too “real”. I started to worry and tried calming myself down by thinking that if something really strange and/or scary happened, I could be sure I was in lucid dreaming, and shouldn’t worry. I vaguely remember a weak yellow-greenish light starting to appear from the living room, but I did not see anything.

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