An Umbrella Term

"the astral plane" is not yet another name for a long-known phenomenon, as many mistakenly believe. The issue at hand is that the phenomenon itself has too many names, each of which implies different things – e.g. astral travel, out-of-body experiences, lucid dreaming, and still a number of less well-known terms. In my opinion, these phenomena all have much in common, and their division into different categories has become more and more contested into the 21st century, as the propagation of the practice reaches a global scale. Earlier, it was still possible to divide these phenomena into different things, as everything was only theoretical. But now, anyone with personal experience can easily confirm that the properties of the space entered during all of these experiences are identical.

As the above statement may strike some as controversial (especially as the personal experiences referred to were not introduced), we will not pause to treat the issue in detail. Either way, any state in which you are completely self-aware, but at the same time conscious that you are outside of your physical body is the astral plane. Meanwhile, you don’t feel your real body, but the perceived body finds itself in a world as palpably real as that of waking life. As we can see, this definition fits all of the hitherto known terms.

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