Alexander Dyrenkov

Moscow, Russia

My first entry happened at night. I was lying in bed and thinking about lucid dreaming, as I had been unable to fall asleep for a while. I dozed off for a moment and then awoke again, this time already in the proper state, and then easily rolled out (more or less unconsciously and reflexively). I went deeper by means of touching and then falling headfirst. It is a pity that I’ve already forgotten a lot of the experience, but I do remember that after deepening I fell right down onto the yard of my grandmother’s house, but then lost consciousness, and so I returned into my body and rolled out of it several times (M.R.: no plan of action). I was unable to sharpen all my senses: When I deepened one sense (touch, for example), another (i.e. sight) would fade away. After that, I have a gap in my memory concerning my travels (consciousness and lucidity were weak, and I fell asleep and “resurfaced” several times), but I remember having been to a lot of places.

Here’s how the episode ended: I dove headfirst into water from a high board (after first having deepened a bit), and then my sense of touch grew sharper: I felt “water” and hit my head against a very soft “bottom.” I resumed the interrupted fall through willpower, but then it occurred to me that my grandmother wanted to wake me up. My level of awareness was not quite adequate, as it did not occur to me that I was actually sleeping in a dormitory, and not at my grandmother’s house. That’s why I decided that I needed to return to my body. A sharp fall occurred right after that thought, and was followed by sensations similar to those one experiences when hung-over.

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