This psychological trait encountered in a deceased person in an astral projection is characterized by aggression caused by a wide variety of reasons. It may be expressed in attempts by the subject to physically harm, kill, severely frighten, or threaten. Each of these behaviors may take on a wide variety of forms – the astral plane space serves as very fertile soil in this regard, due to its unrestricted properties.

The causes for this kind of behavior may be quite varied. In no case should it be considered normal, and there is no reason to try to grow accustomed to it.

The most important thing when having come in contact with this psychological type of behavior in a subject is to avoid physically affecting him. It must be kept in mind that no matter what physical contact occurs, it may have an effect on subsequent interactions. Therefore, one should always stop the communication if it turns out that something is wrong. This applies all the more so if a relative is involved; it is psychologically difficult enough to suffer a family member’s death, let alone a subsequent physical altercation with him. If the subject actively attacks the practitioner, the latter should immediately employ the translocation technique in order to exit the situation. It is also possible to immediately try to re-summon the person being contacted.

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