During the practice of indirect techniques, including technique cycles, unsuccessful attempts may result in falling asleep or becoming completely awake. These results indicate a deficiency or excess of aggression.

If a practitioner usually falls asleep while attempting to enter lucid dreaming, then more aggressive action is needed while performing indirect techniques. If, on the other hand, most attempts end in a full and alert awakening, then aggression should be curbed and techniques should be conducted more slowly and in a more relaxed manner. Balance between passivity and aggression is imperative; lucid dreaming state is easily attained by those practitioners who find a stable medium between passivity and aggression.

The issue of aggression requires a closer examination. Quite often, attempts at indirect techniques are made leisurely, without desire or real effort, to “check them off the list”. Results are more easily realized if the practitioner possesses an aggressive desire to enter lucid dreaming. More often than not, practitioners lack aggressive desire, instead of having too much of it. Thus, each effort requires a distinct want to succeed.

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