Actions to be Done When Becoming Conscious While Dreaming

To ensure that dream consciousness leads to a fully developed lucid dreaming experience, one of three specific actions must be taken.

The best is the techniques for deepening, which should be immediately applied once dream consciousness occurs. Deepening must be performed within the dream episode before all other techniques. Doing so virtually guarantees entrance to lucid dreaming. The choice of actions that follow deepening is dependent upon a practitioner’s predetermined plan of action in lucid dreaming.

When becoming conscious while dreaming, it is quite dangerous to try to return to one’s body in order to roll out of it right away unless one has deepened beforehand. This could result in a situation where, after having easily returned to one’s body, one would not be able to separate from it, as lucid dreaming becomes significantly weaker when physical sensations coincide with the position of a real body. If one is to employ such an option, then in order to return to one’s body one should simply think about it, which is often sufficient to make the transition occur almost immediately.

Another option is the use of translocation techniques to arrive at a desired place within lucid dreaming world. It is also dangerous to employ this variation without first deepening; translocating in a shallow lucid dreaming makes a return to the wakeful state very likely. Translocation is often accompanied by a substantial decrease in the depth of lucid dreaming state.

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