Accessibility and Types of Techniques

And here I have good news to raise your spirits: this phenomenon is within everyone’s reach. Yes, it’s easier for some and more difficult for others. But it can be achieved by each and every person, without exception. It is simply necessary to perform the right techniques at the right moment.

I didn’t put accessibility in the same section as types of techniques on a whim. The point is that the use of the wrong techniques at the wrong time has made this phenomenon such a rarity that many don’t even believe in it. To put it roughly, people have been trying to get into the next-door room by banging their head against the wall. For some people that wall was paper thin, and some had foreheads of steel, but the vast majority have been wasting their time and energy. And all the while, they could have simply opened the unlocked door and just gone inside… It is mainly the knowledge itself that such a door exists that has unbound those age-old shackles on this practice and made it known worldwide.

However, I’d like to state upfront what this book will be dealing with: autonomous techniques – that is no external influences will be discussed. Special devices, pills, and work in pairs – not to mention peyote, magic-mushrooms or drugs – are all out the window. I believe that growth occurs only when you do everything yourself. Moreover, no matter what the producers of all kinds of beeping devices may try to hard-sell, I’ve never met a single serious practitioner who would use such external devices. While chemical substances may allow one to experience vaguely similar sensations, as a rule they offer no control over the experience. Moreover, they’re simply bad for you.

And so, friend, what will we be discussing? We’ll be investigating the three primary types of astral travel entrance techniques: indirect techniques, becoming conscious while dreaming, and direct techniques.

Indirect techniques are actions performed while waking up, immediately upon gaining consciousness. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve slept before employing them, be it an hour, all night, or five minutes. The most important thing is that you’ve already woken up and immediately started doing cycles of indirect techniques. These are the easiest techniques and the ones that are most likely to work. This is that very door to the other room.

Many associate dream conscious with a completely different practice, but actually it’s still entering the astral plane, albeit not through the conscious state, but through the process of dreaming. The mechanism at work is that while sleeping, you suddenly clearly understand that everything going around you is merely a dream, and your conscious awareness becomes the same as it is now: fully and lucidly aware. These indirect techniques may not be the most controllable, but they are accessible and easy to employ.

Meanwhile, reliance on direct techniques is exactly what made the phenomenon inaccessible for such a long time. People have simply been banging their heads against the wall by trying to exit the body using direct techniques. Direct techniques are based on entering the astral plane from full wakefulness, and not from interrupting the process of falling asleep. That is, a practitioner lies down and immediately starts performing actions in order to enter the astral plane. It is ill-advised for novices to start from such techniques – it’s a road to spending tons of time and effort without achieving anything. And if anything is achieved, it is achieved rarely, only once every couple of months. These techniques need be approached only after having mastered the indirect techniques. Friend, when I said that people have long been trying to enter a neighboring room by banging their heads against a wall, I had just these direct techniques in mind.

Case Studies

February 2001

I awoke at night and thought of the astral plane. That thought evoked strong excitation bordering on fear, thanks to which I fell right into the astral plane. I began experimenting with vibrations, but was still afraid to separate. The vibrations gradually became so powerful that they simply threw me out of my body. After having overcome my fear with great difficulty, I then floated about the room. As my sight returned, night turned to day. I then came back down and stood on the floor, extremely frightened by the realness of everything going on.

However, there was a table at the window of the room that shouldn’t have been there. But I didn’t even stop to think about that, as I was nevertheless still in shock over what was going on. Concentrating on the situation at hand, I noticed a glass with some kind of liquid in it on the table. I got the idea of testing out how real the sense of taste would be. Still totally surprised by the realness of everything, I went up to the table, picked up the glass, and held it up to my eyes in order to get a better look at it. I then hesitantly brought it to my lips, and took a sip. My God! I didn’t expect it to be that realistic. It was a glass of tomato juice. I could feel its texture with my lips, tongue, and palate. By the time it hit my throat, I was already savoring the taste. I felt the cold from the glass on my hands and lips – everything was indistinguishable from real life.

Relishing both the taste of the juice and my triumph in entering the astral plane, I quietly thought about the new frontiers opening up before me while quenching my thirst. However, I completely forgot about the need for concentration, and had a foul. I was in a great mood all the next day after having discovered this experience.

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