Ability to Teach

Once a lucid dreamr has achieved a higher level of practice, he’s now a new type of person, and perhaps – in terms of the evolution of human consciousness – a man or woman of the future. He is the keeper of rare knowledge regarding techniques that is augmented by his personal practice. He must realize and understand that his is a quite rare and precious skill, one that most can only dream of. This knowledge should not be applied merely towards personal betterment and living fully in two worlds at once. The world is wonderful only when internal and external harmony are in synergy.

A practitioner should therefore always pay more attention to those around him and their take on the phenomenon. The more people there are around the practitioner who understand and practice lucid dreaming, the more comfortable he himself will feel. Of course, knowledge of such hidden human abilities should only be passed on under the banner of theoretical neutrality and as pragmatic a position as possible, ensuring the widest possible reception and avoidance of the societal rejection that has been the bane of the practice since time immemorial.

One can not only teach one’s friends and family, but also head a local Practitioners’ Club, open a branch of the School of Out-of-Body Travel, write books and articles, launch websites, and volunteer to participate in OOBE Research Center experiments. As your achievements grow, you could even undertake your own research at the Center.

The most important thing is not to let your experience and knowledge go to waste! Find a way to apply them towards helping all of humanity. You’re now a special person, and it’s your turn to change this world!

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