Ability to Teach

Upon awakening, without moving or opening the eyes, immediately try to separate from the body. The separation attempt should be carried out without any imagining, but rather with the desire to make a real movement without straining the muscles (rolling out, levitation, standing up, etc.).

If separation does not occur within three to five seconds, immediately try alternating several of the most effective techniques for three to five seconds each. When one of the techniques works, continue it for a longer period of time:

Observing images: Try to examine and discern the pictures arising before closed eyes.

Listening in: Attempt to hear sounds in the head and make these louder by listening in or strengthening the will;

Rotating: Imagine rotating around the head-to-foot axis;

Phantom wiggling: Try to move a part of the body without straining the muscles, and try to increase the range of movement;

Straining the brain: Try straining the brain, which will lead to vibrations that may also be intensified by further straining the brain.

As soon as one technique clearly starts to work, continue with it as long as progress is apparent, and then try to separate. If separation fails, return to the technique that was working.

Do not give up alternating through techniques until one minute has elapsed. Separation from the body may be attempted periodically, especially if interesting sensations occur.

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