a lucid dream Gone to Wasted

…After another awakening, I decided to try to enter lucid dreaming. Even though there were no symptoms of lucid dreaming being close, I was immediately able to roll out. Surprised at how easy it had been to roll out, I began to deepen by palpation: first I ran my hand along the length of the bed, and then started patting down objects near it. The sensations gradually became increasingly real. But still I could not see. So, I decided to continue with palpation, hoping that vision would come by itself, as it always had before in such cases. After taking several footsteps about the apartment, vision came back to me somewhat blurrily. I was easily able to deepen it by concentrating on my hands.

Instead of doing anything productive like conducting research, I decided to have some fun. To start with, I skyrocketed through the apartments above mine, experiencing the unforgettable feeling of flying through concrete floors. I then repeated the motion in the opposite direction, all the way down to the ground floor. I could see how my neighbors had decorated their homes through that flight up and down the apartment complex. There was a great temptation to cause havoc in the apartment on the first floor, but I was even more interested in flying. So, I blasted off headlong at an angle up through the wall and out into the open air. I flew about 50 yards out and hovered over the apartment complex’s playground. In order to stay in lucid dreaming, I would look at my hands from time to time, and only then take in the landscape in between doing so. My heart leaped at the height. I could feel wafts of air coming from birds flying by. This all gave me a real high. At one point I faded somewhat and almost lost lucid dreaming, but managed to create vibrations through straining the brain. I was long able to maintain lucid dreaming after that by controlling the vibrations, without having to resort to concentration.

I then came up with a brilliant idea – I decided to try to test myself in the role of a fighter pilot. It was not easy to concentrate on this goal. I quickly picked up speed, and yawed to the side. The higher the speed I flew at, the louder the screaming in my ears. I felt the maddening velocity and G-force with every cell in my body. Of course, I could have chosen to feel only the movement itself, but I deliberately tuned in to the sensation of all the aerodynamic effects. Air whistled by with increasing warmth as it flowed around me. It was only with difficulty that I overcame instinctual fear that I had brought in with me from the real world. Clouds whizzed by above, and below me were homes, forests, and people – everything was so real that I had to really ponder what was going on, and what to make of it…

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