A Long Way for a Short lucid dreaming

I woke up sometime at about 9 am, and my first thought was that I had woken up too alertly to do anything with lucid dreaming. As always, I forced myself to still try to do something. The awakening was so alert that it was somewhat difficult to convince myself to this end. The situation was aggravated by physical movement – I was lying down uncomfortably on my stomach.

I immediately performed forced falling asleep for a few seconds, causing me to feel a sharp plunge in my mental state, as if I were retreating deep into myself. I tried to separate right then, but nothing happened: neither levitation, nor rolling out, nor getting up. I started performing one of my favorite techniques: phantom wiggling. No movement arose. A few seconds later, I tried visualizing my hands. Then observing images. There was no result, but I noted that my hearing was fading out: I already couldn’t clearly hear sounds coming from outside the window or the room. That definitely meant something. I again tried phantom wiggling, but nothing happened after several seconds of trying.

I decided to do visualization of the hands together with forced falling asleep. I started waving my hands in front of my face, and then rubbing may palms together, trying to distinguish all this visually. Meanwhile, I feel into a deeper state, leading my conscious awareness into the void. It was right then that I noticed that I sensed my hands to be less under the pillow, and more in front of my face. Once my conscious awareness got distracted by this, everything stopped right then and there. I again began to fade out, and then tried to feel and see my hands in front of me. With my remaining remnants of awareness, I began to notice that my hands’ presence in front of my face was increasingly palpable, and I even began to be able to make them out visually. As soon as I realized that I could see them, I reactivated my conscious awareness, and started trying to discern the hands as clearly as possible. And after a couple of seconds, they became as clearly visible as they would be in reality. Now I could feel them 100%, and even forgot about where they were lying in reality. Not more than 30 seconds had elapsed so far from the moment of initial awakening.

After that, I just got up off the bed, quickly mentally running over my plan of action. But then, the telephone lying on the floor next to the bed unexpectedly started ringing. I picked it up, and could feel not only its physical features, but even how it vibrated out the ring-tone. My colleague from work flashed on the caller ID. I wondered what he would say to me in lucid dreaming, and so I pressed the button to take the call. To my surprise, the phone kept on ringing. I became confused. I again pressed the button to take the call, but to no end. I realized that the phone was probably also ringing in reality.

As soon as that realization hit me, I was instantly back in my body. The phone was really ringing. And indeed, it was my colleague from work calling. The question remains as to why that sound didn’t immediately knock me out of lucid dreaming. Perhaps because lucid dreaming space was overlapping the real world in a completely logical way.

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