A Journey into Outer Space

My body was still very tired, even though I had already been able to sleep for several hours that night. As soon as I lay down, I almost immediately felt vibrations occurring, but was not relaxed enough to bring them up to full force. At the moment, the best way to relax and enter lucid dreaming seemed to me to be through "trans-awakening" (the free-floating state of mind). I turned out to be right, as after the fifth or sixth time I felt intense vibrations enveloping me from all sides. In this case, there was no need to amplify the vibrations or deepen lucid dreaming, as my body was tired, and it would create a most deep state all on its own in order to more quickly restore its vital energies. I just lay for some time and observed the changes occurring within me. However, I could not remain idle for long, lest I unintentionally fall asleep.

I spent some time on fixing my secondary attention on avoiding falling asleep and involuntary exit from lucid dreaming. I rolled out. As usual, I rolled out of the bed as if for real, but not hitting the floor. Instead, I hovered above the floor as if I had fallen on a one-foot high invisible air mattress. I have rolled out hundreds of times, but I always experience doubt in the back of my mind that I am actually falling out of bed in reality.

A multitude of ideas flashed through my mind on how to use this position. I immediately formulated an approximate plan of action, which included those senseless things that I save for a rainy day. However, I first decided for the umpteenth time to observe outer space scenes. I took up my goal: the Cosmos. Here I was immediately picked up by a mysterious force that whisked me away at breakneck speed. My vision quickly came back to me, and I found myself floating in an unknown part of the Cosmos. I don’t know how true-to-life the sensations were, as I have never been in outer space. Nonetheless, I probably experienced it just like it would be in real life. Sight was the predominate sense here, I stopped paying attention to the other four. Taking in the galaxy within my field of view brought fantastic pleasure. The unusualness in the visual perception consisted in the uncommon way that my eyes had to focus, as we rarely use our eyes in that way in real life. Taking in the galaxy required my eyes to fully uncross and look at the sight in parallel. The galaxy seemed as if it were alive, and I said to myself that this was probably the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen.

However, I couldn’t stay there for long, as there was nothing to concentrate my sense of sight on, because the objects were very far away. I returned to the void, and, suspended in a static position, created strong vibrations. For a while, I simply enjoyed this uncommon sensation. It was interesting to observe the characteristics of this phenomenon. When I raised my arms and brought my palms towards my face, I felt strong, warm wind streaming from them to my face. Noise filled my ears. When I palpated my head with my hands, it seemed as if I was touching my unprotected brain, but there was no pain.

I enjoyed this state for some time, plunging in some unknown direction. After a short flight, I was ejected back into my room at home. This time everything in it corresponded 100% to reality, enough though I had not set myself that goal. Nothing interested me in the room, and so I walked through my bedroom door into the other rooms, with everything as in real life. I didn’t have to look long for adventure, as I found my mother and brother in the other room, both of whom I had not seen for a while. I spoke with them about anything that came to mind, just for the sake of hearing their voices and getting a chance to look at them. This was a real gift for me. But I faded out a bit, and was only able with great difficulty to regain control over the state through the infamous technique of falling head-first …

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