A Glass of Juice

I awoke at night and thought of lucid dreaming. That thought evoked strong excitation bordering on fear, thanks to which I fell right into lucid dreaming. I began experimenting with vibrations, but was still afraid to separate. The vibrations gradually became so powerful that they simply threw me out of my body. After having overcome my fear with great difficulty, I then floated about the room. As my sight returned, night turned to day. I then came back down and stood on the floor, extremely frightened by the realness of everything going on.

However, there was a table at the window of the room that shouldn’t have been there. But I didn’t even stop to think about that, as I was nevertheless still in shock over what was going on. Concentrating on the situation at hand, I noticed a glass with some kind of liquid in it on the table. I got the idea of testing out how real the sense of taste would be. Still totally surprised by the realness of everything, I went up to the table, picked up the glass, and held it up to my eyes in order to get a better look at it. I then hesitantly brought it to my lips, and took a sip. My God! I didn’t expect it to be that realistic. It was a glass of tomato juice. I could feel its texture with my lips, tongue, and palate. By the time it hit my throat, I was already savoring the taste. I felt the cold from the glass on my hands and lips – everything was indistinguishable from real life.

Relishing both the taste of the juice and my triumph in entering lucid dreaming, I quietly thought about the new frontiers opening up before me while quenching my thirst. However, I completely forgot about the need for concentration, and had a foul. I was in a great mood all the next day after having discovered this experience.

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