I had sleep paralysis upon awakening (lack of separation), and I already wanted to get out of that paralysis (unwarranted inference), but I then remembered that sleep paralysis was the best time to exit the body. I recalled the methods, relaxed (lack of deepening), and began to listen in to the noise in my head. Within a few seconds, I was ejected from my body. I levitated towards the ceiling. I looked at my own sleeping body and my brother’s body sleeping on the next bed (lack of deepening, lack of a plan of action, and possible loss of activeness). Everything in the room was in its place, with the exception of the telephone, which lay next to me. I was not the least bit scared, and wondered, “What will happen if I return to my body right now?” I immediately banished this question from my mind, since I remembered that I could get caught in my stencil by thinking about it. I flew to the living room, closed my eyes, and imagined an object in front of me. When I opened my eyes, the object was indeed next to me! That’s when I felt that I was losing consciousness. I looked at my hands to keep from flying out into my body. However, that did not help, and I was soon back in my body (lack of secondary separation from the body).

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