I tried to separate upon awakening, but it didn’t work out. I then began the techniques – scrutinizing, swimming, phantom wiggling, and straining the brain – but nothing worked. I tried forced falling asleep, and then attempted to separate right then and there. It looked as if I was crawling out of my body.

I somehow wound up on the floor. I started to palpate both the floor and my wooden desk. I then put my hands together and rubbed them to deepen. When I blew on my hands, it felt like a breeze was coming out of my elbows. I also don’t understand how my sense of sight came to me, but it did. Although it seemed to be not all that vivid, I could see a man standing at the window of the house opposite mine quite well. For some reason, I began to open and close my eyes, hoping that my vision would improve (unwarranted action). The next time I opened my eyes, they opened to what was already the real world (lack of secondary separation from the body).

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