I woke up at night unexpectedly and began employing the technique of phantom wiggling with my hand (lack of separation). After several seconds, strong vibrations and noise arose in my ears (it was kind of eerie) (lack of separation). I had wanted to stop already, as the vibrations and noise kept growing louder and louder, but that wasn’t what I had spent so much time preparing for! I decided, "what will be, will be," and attempted to raise my arm. My arm did indeed rise – but it was my phantom arm, and not my physical one. When I tried to scrutinize my arm, it seemed somewhat blurry and to be enveloped in dark smoke. I then decided to stand up all the way. The separation happened quickly and was accompanied by something like the crackle of static electricity. I sat up in bed, turned my head, and saw myself lying there (lack of deepening). It was quite a fascinating experience. Afterwards I got up, walked about the room (lack of a plan of action), and jumped up so as to levitate, but came back down to Earth as if pulled by gravity in the real world (apparently my mind was not yet able to forget about the laws of physics of the real world). I got lost in thought (loss of activeness; lack of maintaining) as to what to do next, but since opportunities seemed unlimited, I apparently spent a lot of time thinking and got quite sidetracked. This caused me to be spontaneously returned to my body (lack of secondary separation from the body).

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