I awoke at about eight o’clock in the morning. I quickly decided to use an indirect technique and enter out-of-body experience while I was still half asleep. I tried to levitate with my phantom body, but nothing happened. I tried to roll over, but something didn’t work that time either. I thought, "Well, it’s just not going to work today," (unwarranted inference) but decided to make one last attempt by imagining that I was getting up… and, oh, what a miracle! I started to feel as if I was really lifting my body and lowering my legs (as soon as I lifted myself by about 30 to 40 degrees, my whole body began to vibrate – it was really cool!), and then I realized that I was in out-of-body experience. I couldn’t see. I stood up and immediately began rubbing my hands. My sight came back to me within a few seconds (lack of deepening; lack of a plan of action). As I choked with joy (loss of activeness; unwarranted emotion), I was returned to my own body! (lack of secondary separation from the body)

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