Upon waking up in the middle of the night (lack of separation), I began trying out techniques, and the second one with rotation worked. I imagined that I was rotating, and at some point realized that I had rolled out of my body. As this was happening to me for the first time, it seemed kind of unconvincing to me (unwarranted inference), and I immediately returned to my body and rolled out again (unwarranted action). I repeated this procedure 5 times. After finally realizing that I had rolled out, I stood up. The darkness made it seem like I was looking at everything in the room through a cloud (lack of deepening). In front of me was the silhouette of a young man who seemed to be aggressively disposed towards me. He tried to attack me. For some reason, I extended my hand out to him as if I wanted to shake hands and mentally proposed that we make peace, to which he readily agreed and shook my hand (unwarranted action). Having resolved to fly around my home, I went around him and headed for the window (lack of a plan of action; dangerous activity). Once I got up to the window, I didn’t see anything in it except for a starry sky (possible loss of activeness). Meanwhile, the sky was both above and below the horizon. That’s when I felt that I was going to fizzle out (lack of maintaining) and I awoke in my bed (lack of secondary separation from the body).

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