I woke up in the middle of the night and immediately realized that I was in the right state (lack of separation). While lying in bed, I began to imagine that I was palpating and scrutinizing the wallpaper pattern, and after a few seconds I realized that I was not only imagining it, but was actually doing it (lack of deepening). Two points on one of my old plans of action had been to look at myself in the mirror and see how the light-switch works. I went through them. I saw quite a strange reflection in the mirror – there I was, but it didn’t look realistic. Instead, it looked like a stained-glass portrait in one of those old churches or mosaics. The reflection consisted of many colored pieces and changed like a kaleidoscope when I moved. I then went to the light switch (the room was in semi-darkness) flipped it, and noted how the lamp hesitated for a few seconds before emitting a dim light. However, it didn’t become any brighter in the room. I then decided to leave my room (short plan of action), but I woke up (lack of maintaining, lack of secondary separation from the body).

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