As I lay in bed with my eyes closed after awakening without an alarm clock, I immediately understood that this was the moment that I needed to take advantage of. I tried to separate – nothing. I employed the technique of rotation – still nothing. I then tried visualization, and felt the vibrations right then and there. After stopping for a second out of pure joy, I amplified the vibrations and tried again to separate. I should state here that I was on the top bunk in a sleeper-train compartment, but my desire to separate outweighed my fear of falling, and I did it! I tried to jump off the bunk in what turned out to be quite neat a movement. I did it smoothly, at first reclining back and then straightening my body in the same smooth, flowing manner.

I went through the door and saw a mirror. My reflection in it was exactly the same as in real life. I even wondered whether I would still have a beard in out-of-body experience, and there it was! I wanted to deepen afterwards, but a mosquito buzzed past my ear. I started shooing it away (unwarranted action; getting drawn into the storyline; and lack of maintaining) and woke up because there was actually a mosquito in my compartment… I wanted to make a secondary exit from the body, but both my exhilaration at having entered out-of-body experience and amusement that it was interrupted by a mosquito kept me awake (lack of secondary separation from the body).

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